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Dear band parents,

It is with great pleasure that I greet new and returning members to the Springstead High School Marching Band Program! As many of you are aware, we are a highly competitive band with many accomplishments over the years, highlights by our FMBC Class 2A State Championship win in 2012 at Tropicana Field!

The Springstead Marching Eagle Brigade is a very active and dedicated group of instructors, students, and parents. Although we take competition very seriously, it is not the reason we do what we do. Our band program teaches important life skills such as commitment, dedication, and an opportunity to build friendships that could last a lifetime. It provides the students physical fitness, a positive social environment, and recognition for hard work. It is the pleasure and excitement that the students and staff receive from designing, perfecting, and performing the show to our high standard of excellence. It’s all about the teamwork!

Your child will definitely benefit from being a part of our band program. Also, I encourage you to become an active part of our band booster group and our fall activities. We are always in need of parent volunteers to offer support and assistance during the marching season and also at our other band events held throughout the year. The energy from our families will always have a positive impact on our program.

I am looking forward to the upcoming marching season and to getting to know all of our new parents and band members. If you have any questions about the marching season or the band program, please do not hesitate to contact me or the band booster. Contact information can be found here.


Richard Dasher, Band Director

List of Activities

Marching/Band Members have a very busy year! Here is a list of the activities we are involved in throughout the school year. The band boosters will hold meetings the 2nd Tuesday of each month to keep parents informed of upcoming events and deadlines. Please be sure to mark your calendar!

    1. Summer Saturday practices
    2. Band Camp
    3. Evening Practices
    4. Night of Flight
    5. Football Games
    6. Marching Band Competitions
    7. Parades
    8. Winter Concert
    9. FBA Solo Ensemble Festival
    10. FBA Concert Festival
    11. Spring Field Trip
    12. Jazz Dinner
    13. Spectrum
    14. Band Banquet
    15. Fundraising Events

1. Summer Saturday Practices

Saturday practices start toward the end of the school year and will continue until Band Camp. These practices are usually held from 9:00am – 12:00pm and, although they are not mandatory, they are extremely beneficial. Marching band members will begin learning the new music for the show, proper marching form, and drill. Marching students should make every effort to attend these practices.

The practice uniform is a white t-shirt, blue basketball shorts (red basketball shorts for those in percussion and pit, black shorts for the color guard), and marching shoes. (New members may wear tennis shoes until the marching shoes orders are received.) Each band member is required to bring a one-gallon cooler filled with ice and water to each practice. Eat a good breakfast and be sure to wear sunscreen!

Band members are to be at practice at least 15 minutes early in order to be ready and on the practice field at the given time.

2. Band Camp

The success of our marching season truly starts at Band Camp. Band Camp is where all the moving parts of the creative process come together and the show takes form. It is usually scheduled toward the end of July for a two-week period. Camp is held at Springstead, Monday thru Thursday/Friday, from 12:00pm – 9:00pm with a dinner break at 5pm. Dinner will be available for students to purchase. It is usually Chik-fil-A, submarine sandwiches, pizza, parent potluck meals, or taco salad bar. Students may also bring their own food if they wish.

Band Camp is mandatory for all marching band members. We understand the importance of family vacations and other opportunities that the summer has to offer, but please try to plan these events around band camp. Band members will cover a great deal of music and drill in these two weeks. It is vital that every band member be in attendance for each day of camp because each marcher has a unique position in the drill. If one marcher is missing, the others around him or her have a much harder time finding their positions and staying together and it throws off the whole performance.

3. Evening Practices

After Band Camp, we switch to evening practices. These practices will be held at Springstead on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6:00pm – 9:00pm. Practice times for percussion and color guard may vary. Evening practices are mandatory. Each student should bring their filled cooler and wear practice uniform. Also, remember to eat before practice!

Again, band member are required to be at least 15 minutes early for evening practices to be ready on the field at practice time.

4. Night of Flight

Night of Flight is our first performance of the marching show in full uniform in front of an audience. It is held at Springstead on the first Friday night of the school year from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. This is a major fundraising event for the band. We have dinner and the show follows. We welcome and encourage all friends and family for this very exciting evening!

5. Football Games

When football season begins, we perform at the Friday night Varsity home games. The marching band plays in the stands as well as performs the show during half time. We have a Band Booster concession stand that operates during the games. Band members are to be at school at 5:30pm for practice and to dress for the game. Come on out and work the concession stand or enjoy the game and show in the stands!

6. Marching Band Competitions

We participate in approximately 4-5 competitions (including state finals) during the marching season. These are typically held on Saturdays between the months of September and November. The competitions take place throughout the state and usually take an entire day and some can go late into the early morning hours before we get back to the school. Competitions are so much FUN! Families and friends are encouraged to attend the competitions. It is great to see other bands perform and also show support for our marching band. It means a lot to the kids to see us cheering in the stands for them!

The competition schedule will be sent out when the dates are finalized.

7. Parades

In past years, we have participated in the Brooksville Christmas Parade and the MLK Parade. The marching band’s participation this year will mostly depend on what our finances are at the time these events are scheduled.

8. Winter Concert

The Winter Concert is an indoor event that is performed at the Springstead Theater in early December. The concert band, jazz band, and orchestra all have performances. This is a chance for the bands to show off their amazing musical talents. This is also a fundraiser for the band program; so again, we ask that you invite all of your family and friends.

9. FBA Solo & Ensemble Festival

Solo and Ensemble is an opportunity for interested band members to sharpen their skills and be formally judged. Experienced judges will offer feedback and advice to the band members on their performance. The festival is held in February.

10. FBA Concert Festival

Concert Festival is an opportunity for the entire band where they perform and are formally judged. An evaluation of the work of the band will be given. This festival is held in March.

11. Spring Field Trip

Each year, in March or April, the band takes a 3-day, 2-night field trip. In the past, the band has gone to Disney World and Universal Studios. We’ve marched in many parades at Disney and saw the Blue Man Group show with an after show Q & A at Universal! Although the trip is optional, it is highly encouraged as the band has a great time! Fundraising will be made available to each band member in an effort to offset the costs involved with the trip. Typically, the trip costs anywhere from $250 – $300 per band member. A non-refundable deposit will be required in early October to hold each band member’s spot and the remaining balance will be due before winter break. Food is not included in this price. Many chaperones are needed to make this trip a success. Information will be made available in the fall.

12. Jazz Dinner

The Jazz Band performs at Silverthorn Golf and Country Club for two shows in late April. You can enjoy a wonderful meal while listening to our amazing jazz band as they showcase their talents.

13. Spectrum

This is the final performance of the year to showcase the spectrum of talents of all of our band members. It is an indoor concert held at the Springstead Theatre in May. The concert band, jazz band, orchestra, and color guard will have performances. This is an amazing way to end the season and you won’t soon forget the experience. This concert is also a fundraiser for the band program so please be sure to invite family and friends!

14. Band Banquet

The band banquet is held at the end of the school year. This is a well-deserved celebration for the band members and their parents. This is a semi-formal evening including a dinner, awards, DJ, and dancing. The kids have a great time, so please plan on attending!

15. Fundraising

Fundraising plays a very important role in the band program. As you can see, our year is packed with events and activities that all require funding. There will be several opportunities for the band members to raise money to help offset individual band fees and trip costs. We are always open to any fundraising ideas, so be sure to share any new ideas you may have at the band booster meetings. Our goal is to put our efforts into a minimum number of fundraisers with the maximum earning potential.

Business Sponsorship Program – the band has had some success getting financial support from the businesses in our community. There are also individual sponsorship programs that help benefit individual band members.

Hernando County Farmer’s Market – the band has been participating at the market by selling funnel cakes and soda. This is a great way to support both local vendors and our band program!

Car Washes – the band has several car washes each year at Chik-fil-A restaurant on Hwy 50. Profits from the car washes get evenly distributed between the band members who were in attendance.

Candy Sales – boxed candy is available for the band members to sell. All profits made on each box go directly into the individual member’s account.

Scripps Gift Card Program – the band participates in this fundraiser right before the holiday season. It is a list of gift cards available for purchase. Each gift card purchases earns the band member a percentage kickback. There are hundreds of popular stores that participate in the fundraiser.


Have we mentioned how much we LOVE our volunteers? It definitely takes a village to pull all of this together to make the band program a successful one. The marching and band program are hugely dependent on our volunteers that offer their time throughout the year. (We have estimated the amount of volunteer hours needed to run the program at approximately 4,500 hours!)

All volunteers must have the county volunteer form on file prior to signing up for a position. Please remember that you are responsible for the band members while volunteering in a position that requires student supervision or direct interaction with them.

Volunteer Positions

Washing and drying uniforms
Fitting and Alterations
Uniform Crew (during marching season)

Oversee fundraising events
Plan and organize fundraisers
Process order forms, distribute products to students

Concessions – Friday night home games:
Assist in sales and cooking
Assist in stocking, cleaning, and maintaining stand as needed

Truck Driver/Trailer Towing:
Drive rental truck to all away events – Fridays and Saturdays
Tow trailer with personal

Pit Crew/Props:
Assist band members in placing auxiliary equipment on field at games and competitions
Assist with assembly and field placement of props if needed

Bus Chaperones:
Travel on the buses with the band to/from competitions and band events

Fill cooler with ice and water/Gather cups and snacks
Responsible for distributing water to band members during football

First Aid:
Provide basic first aid to band members in need
Carry first aid bad
Keep medical forms during games, competitions, and trips

Summer Practices/Band Camp:
Help set up cooling tents, distribute water, cooling towels, snacks, and administer basic first aid to band members during practices and band camp
Server/clean up meals, measure/issue uniforms, and help with uniform alterations

We understand that some of our parents have more time to give than others. We know that some of our parents are more able than others. Our goal is to make it so that the success of the program does not fall on the shoulders of a handful of people. We would love for everyone to play a part, however big or small. Please consider becoming an active volunteer with our band program. It is truly a rewarding experience!

Band Fees

Listed below are some of the items that band/guard fees pay for. Your student’s fees can be divided into payment options and are due at different times during the marching season to allow for fundraising efforts to help offset some of the costs.

Marching band fees pay for the following

    • Instructional Staff
    • Music/Drill for show
    • Band shirts (1 is required, but 2 are recommended)
    • Marching shoes (if applicable)
    • Band uniforms (cleaning and maintenance)
    • Garment bag (if applicable)
    • School instrument (if applicable)
    • Band Camp
    • Transportation costs
    • Competition entry fees
    • Band banquet and awards
    • Instrument maintenance

Things to Remember

Booster board members contact information as well as our performance schedule, booster meeting minutes, links for participation forms, and other information related to our marching season can all be found here on our web site.

Please be sure to put your student’s name and ID# with all payments made to the band office located in the band room.

Students are to have their water coolers with them at every practice, football game, and competition!

Students are to eat before coming to practice!

Students are to be at school at least 15 minutes early and be on the field by practice time.

All necessary forms, especially physical forms, must be completed and turned in before Band Camp begins!

Students are not to bring in any medications unless a doctor prescribes them. Those medications need to be listed on file in the band office and will be held by the Health and Wellness staff until needed. Students will not be given Tylenol, Aleve, etc,without written consent from their parents.

In order for parents to stay and help pit in any capacity, a volunteer form needs to be completed and on file with the school.

We are always in need of the following donations:
Water (preferably 8oz bottles)
Gatorade (preferably the 12oz bottles)
Sandwich crackers (peanut butter)
Frozen grapes

Thank You!