Booster Meeting 6/6/19

Parent Meeting – 6/6/2019

I. Welcome (speaker: Josh Kelly)
A. Introductions
1. Band Director: Mr Dasher
2. Board Co-President: Josh Kelly
3. Board Co-President: Tonya Morris
4. Treasurer: Erin Toombs and Andrea Bahnken
5. Secretary: Donna Wilhide
6. Prop Master: John Wilhide

II. Show Title: West Side Story
A. Songs played
1. Maria
2. Mambo
3. I Have A Love
4. Cool
5. Somewhere

III. New Practice Schedule
A. Thursday evenings: 6-9pm
1. Things to bring
a. Instrument
b. Extra reeds
c. Bug spray
d. Sunscreen
e. At least a FILLED half gallon water jug
B. Practice attire
1. White tshirts
a. No logos or prints.
b. No cut or altered shirts
2. Marching shoes (or sneakers if you don’t have them).
a. No open toed, sandals, slides, or flip flops
3. Athletic shorts in your section color:
a. Percussion: red
b. Winds: blue
c. Color guard: black

VI. Band Camp
A. Dates: July 22-Aug 2, Mon-Fri, 12pm-9pm
1. Attendance is mandatory.
2. Please plan family vacations before then.
3. Anyone who has any scheduling conflicts must speak with Mr Dasher personally.
Note: More details on band camp at our next parent meeting, but if you want to get a jump start on what your marcher will need, here is a complete list:

  • Instrument
  • 1″ binder with sheet protectors
  • Dot book (<–Walgreens has them)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Towel(s)
  • Cool Towel
  • Deodorant / antiperspirant (avoid chafing!)
  • Extra socks (in case of rain)
  • Extra t-shirt (in case of rain/sweat)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Pens / pencils
  • Extra reeds, valve oil, cork grease, etc
  • inhalers (if necessary)
  • One gallon water jug (bring filled with ice and water daily)

V. Parent Meetings (poll)
A. Do we want to keep meetings on the first or second Thursday of the month during Thursday practices? Voted to KEEP
B. After band camp do we decide to go back to first or second Tuesday of the month for meetings? Voted to move to 2nd Thursdays of the month
C. Does the 8pm meeting time make it easier to attend? Voted 8pm time easier.

VI. Band Fees (speaker: Erin Toombs)
A. Upcoming fees due by the start of band camp
1. Band camp fee: $30.00
2. Marching shoes: $40.00
3. Uniform fee: $125.00
4. Band camp lunches
a. Please have lunch order forms filled out and returned before band camp starts so we can order accordingly. Lunch fees must be paid in cash as we have to pay vendors upon delivery and not through a purchase order.
b. If your marcher would rather bring lunch from home please note that on the form and still turn it in (we want to be sure EVERYONE is eating).
c. If your marcher brings food from home but gets a drink from us there is a $1 per drink fee (just so there are no surprises)
Note: Lunch menus are based on last year’s pricing and restaurants. If we are not given the same pricing there may be a slight change. We will have that information at our next parent meeting)
B.Garment Bags
1. Only Freshman and 1st year marchers are charged at $15.00 garment bag fee. They will use the same bag and uniform number throughout their marching seasons.
2. Uniforms never go home. They are kept in garment bags in the parent room. After football games and/or competitions, parent volunteers will be assigned a group of uniforms by number to take home and be washed.
3. Fundraising opportunities will be available and more information on that will be available at our next parent meeting when Mrs Beth has returned.

VII. Paperwork (speaker: Donna Wilhide)
A. Briefly go over forms
1. Medical form needs to be notarized
a. Do we have a parent volunteer or would be willing to donate their notary services at parent meetings?
b. Your bank will usually notarize paperwork for free
c. Amscot will notarize for $10.00
2. Physicals must be up to date
a. If your marcher os still within their one year period since their last physical then you do not need a new one until that date has expired.
3. We do need all paperwork to be filled out and signed for this season. Even if your information has not changed.

VIII. Registered Volunteers
A. All Hernando county parent volunteers must be registered with the Hernando County School Board ANNUALLY.
B. To volunteer at football games, competitions, and events, parents are only required to register as a Level 1 volunteer (free)
C. We are required to have a certain amount of Level 2 volunteers to chaperone any overnight trips (our spring trip for example). First time fee is approx $65.00. Annual renewal fee: $5.
Note: We will post the link to the volunteer sign up page as soon as it is available for the 2019-2020 school year. The sooner you register the faster you will be approved. If you wait until the beginning of the school year, you may have to wait weeks before approval.
Also note: If you are a level 2 volunteer, please let us know as soon as possible because we have to turn those names in with trip paperwork as approved chaperones.

Conclusion (speaker: Josh Kelly)
Just a quick reminder that due to unforeseen circumstances like weather, practices may be canceled at the last minute, or you may be asked to pick your marcher up earlier than expected. You should be available at all times should this happen. The best way to stay informed is to sign up for our reminds (if you have not already).
Text “@rdasher” to 81010

Thank you all for coming. Our next parent meeting will be July 11th at 8pm where we will be going over what to expect during band camp in more detail, Night of Flight, and parent volunteer opportunities during those events.

Good night!

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