When this season started back in April the idea of finals seemed so far away! But finally, after those grueling two weeks of band camp, late night practices four nights a week, football games, frequent and sudden lightning storms, and competitions we are finally here. So let’s get you caught up on everything you need to know for a full day at finals!

The festivities begin for us on Friday night. While the kids are at practice, we need parents to decorate the band room. While this is supposed to be a surprise, the upperclassmen know that we do it (and I’m kind of banking on the students not really reading this, and if you are…uh…ignore that part 😉 ) So bring any decorative stuff you may have laying around or can easily purchase in our school colors (red, white, and blue) and let’s send these kids off to finals with a great start. Feel free to make your own personalized banners or posterboards for your child or their section(s) or whatever you want. Go nuts! Parents who are interested in decorating, please be at the school at 6pm so we’ll have time before practice ends because it will end early that night, and here’s why…

Saturday morning everyone needs to be at the school at 6:30am. Yes, you read that right. 6:30AM! We will load the buses at 7am and head over to Plant High School. There is a noise ordinance in Hernando county so we won’t be able to practice before we leave for semi finals. That means that we have to have the truck and trailer loaded up on Friday night! So while some parents will be in he room decorating, we need other parents to be out helping load up what we can. Instruments will be loaded after practice. We also need parents to help us empty out the concession stand of all sodas and gatorade that we have remaining so we can take it with us for the day.

Traditionally we start finals morning off with a pancake breakfast. Unfortunately, our first performance of the day is at 10:30am so we need to head out rather quickly. We just won’t have the time to cook, server, eat, and clean up before we need to go. We strongly urge you all to eat breakfast before you come or bring something that travels well with you (pop tarts, breakfast bars, etc) We have a few parents who are generously donating donuts and (individual sized) orange juice to the students so if anyone else would like to contribute to those donations, that would be appreciated.

The schedule is as follows:
6:30am: Arrive at Springstead
7:00am: Load buses
9:24am: Check in at Plant HS
9:38am: Warm ups
10:34am: Perform
11:02am-11:30am: Lunch Break
2:18pm: Retreat
2:32pm: Recognition of officers and Seniors
2:48pm: Winners announced

If we place in the top 5 our score will not be announced and we will be called in alphabetical order. We won’t know our actual score until retreat at finals. Once the finalists have been announced (after much cheer and celebration) we’ll load the buses again and head straight over to Tropicana Field.

The day isn’t over yet…

As we load the buses we’ll pass out subs we will have ordered from Publix. Please take a moment to fill out our ONLINE ORDER FORM the way we did it during band camp. Subs are $5 each and can be ordered in either a 6″ turkey or ham, and includes chips and a drink. Peanut butter and jelly is also an option for $3.00 each including chips and a drink, or you can bring your lunch from home. If you do bring lunch from home, please check that selection so that we know that everyone is eating! Payments must be made in cash by Thursday November 15th. so that we can place the order in time. Parents and family who are joining us for the day are allowed to order also.


Welcome to finals. Unfortunately there isn’t much i can tell you as far as scheduling goes because they won’t even know until the winners have been announced. What I can tell you is that 3A is scheduled to perform between 7:02pm – 7:44pm. A FULL retreat (the entire band will join the captains down on the field for this one) is scheduled for 11:00pm and the winners will be announced. Afterwards we’ll load the buses and come home. Expect to be home around 1am or so. We will text you when we get close to the school so that you may come pick up your child. As always, please remember that no one is dismissed until the truck and trailer have been unloaded. We are ALL tired, let’s work together so we can all get home as soon as possible.


Semi finals and finals are two different events and both have entry and parking fees you’ll need to be aware of.

Semi Finals:
Entry: $17.00 per person (cash and credit accepted)
Children under 8: FREE
Parking: $3.00

Entry: $22.00 per person (cash and credit accepted)
Parking: $15.00


Food is available at both events, but can be expensive so be prepared for that by bringing extra money or packing yourself a lunch in an insulated cooler (please have your name on/in it).

Semi finals and finals t shirts will be available for purchase as well as the venues.

Please do not remove your child from any campus during these events.  We need them all on or near the band in case something comes up or a schedule has changed.

On the off chance that we do not make finals (I know, no one wants to think about that, but just in case let’s go over what to expect)…
If for some reason we don’t make it to finals, we’ll load the buses and head back home. You will be notified via Remind to come pick up your children. Lunches will still be passed out as the students load the buses.

What’s next?

You may be excited to have some time to actually have a life again now that band season is over, or you could be like “now what do I do? Clean my house?! *scoff*” Don’t worry, there are a few more events coming up so mark your calendars:

Nov 28: All County auditions
Dec 4: 1st Universal payment is due ($137.50)
Dec 8: Brooksville Christmas Parade
Jan 21: MLK Parade
Feb 28: Final Universal payment due ($137.50)
Mar 15-17: Universal Trip
May 18: Band Banquet

So don’t worry, we’re still going to see lots of each other!

As the season closes I need to remind everyone that band fees are due NOW! Notes of obligation will be sent to the office at the end of the month, and remember that all band fees must be paid before we can accept payments for the Universal trip in March. Please contact Mrs Erin if you have any questions.

Once again, thank you to all our amazing parent volunteers over the season. We’ve had some wonderful new parents come in and jump right in with both feet and we can not tell you how much we not only appreciate that, but how badly we need it. This program’s success doesn’t just ride on the students or the directors, the parents are a major key element too, and we’re so happy to have you all with us!



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