2018 Discount Cards

Our 2018 Discount Card fundraiser has begun! Check out these awesome deals and discounts courtesy of local businesses within our community.

Cards are $15 each, but $10 from each card sold goes straight towards your (child’s) band fees! That’s an amazing deal!

If you would like to purchase a card please stop by the band parent room to pick one up. Tell us which student you wish to support and we’ll credit their account. If you don’t have a student preference then the credit will go back to the band to help pay for truck rentals, entry fees, etc.

If you would like to sell cards to earn money for your fees, stop by the parent room to pick them up. Students may sign out 10 cards at a time and once they are sold may return with the money earned to receive more. Parents may sign out more cards at a time.

This really is a great opportunity to earn those band fees. Some students have paid off all of their fees plus the Universal trip in the Spring selling discount cards alone! Don’t miss out!

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