Newsletter July 2018: Band Camp

Greetings Parents!!!

Welcome to the 2018 Marching Band Season! When you receive this, your student will have completed the first day of band camp, the beginning of a wonderful adventure! There are some things that I would like to make you all aware of that will help us to make this year one of the best. First, in order to have camp run smoothly, we need to have some volunteers for the 12-4 time frame. We are going to start to measure the students for their uniforms, so we need parents to help us do that. We are going to be collecting shirt sizes, shoe sizes, and pant sizes and need proper fittings. Please come if you can to help us out with this task. Lots of hands make easier work then only a couple, so please consider bringing your tape measures, ( the clothing kind), and helping. The person who is taking care of the lunches this year is a senior mom, and we are looking for a mom who will be here a couple of more years that can help her out and learn the ropes so that the transition of parents for next year is an easy one. This is also the case with the paperwork, so if you can help us out with any of these things we would welcome and sure appreciate it. This program is totally supported by parents and encourage all of you to get involved. We so appreciate ANYTHING that you are able to do.

We want to get the word out about our first fundraiser of the year, that being the “Night of Flight” that will be held on Friday, August 17th at 6PM. This is the first night that the students will perform the show. We would like to have the uniform ready for this night, but that will depend on how fast we can do the measuring for the uniform. Anyway, during this event, the parents make a pot luck dish that will feed at least 10 people. The parents get into the event free with the dish, and we ask that you invite all of the people you know to come and see your student perform. The guests will pay $10 each to get in and will be have dinner and a show. This is the way we pay for the truck and some of the props that we need to take the marching show on the road, so please start talking it up now!

Physicals and the other paperwork needs to be submitted ASAP. and we will have a notary at the meeting Tuesday, the 24th. Please come to the meeting so that we can go over what is going on with camp ect.

Parents are extremely important to this program, and I want to THANK YOU all in advance for all of your help and support! Looking forward to seeing you all at the meeting and on the field!!

Val Moore

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