Welcome to the Summer of Love!

If you couldn’t make tonight’s meeting, take a moment to catch up…

All incoming and returning students, welcome to The Summer of Love, our 2018 marching season! Here’s everything you need to know before the season starts, whether you’re new to the program or a senior entering your last year.

Marching season is a busy time from now until finals in mid November. Practices are long and hot, and competitions can last into the early morning hours, but the benefits make it all worth it! Despite their hectic schedule, marching students tend to have better grades, a strong work ethic, great time management, and a strong sense of team work. Students work hard together, which is why we’ve placed the top 5 in the state for our division for the past 9 of 12 years.

If you missed the meeting you can read the handbook that was handed out here: Welcome!

The first practice begins this Saturday, April 21, 9am-12pm. Meet at the band room by 8:30am. Be dressed for practice:

Percussion: white shirt, red shorts
Winds: white shirt, blue shorts
Guard: white shirt, black shorts

(No jeans or jean shorts)

Wear sneakers, sunscreen, and bring a towel, and at least a half gallon (filled) water cooler (although we recommend a one gallon jug so you don’t need to buy another one for band camp). Label your jug!

Some other items you may wish to have are:
Extra socks
Extra shirt
Bug Spray
Coolie towels
1/2″ binder & sheets protectors
pens / pencils
extra reeds
Valve oil

Stay in Touch!

Schedule changes can happen at a moments notice due to our unpredictable Florida weather or other unforeseen circumstances, but there are several ways for you to stay informed on what’s going on no matter what your preferred medium is. We have our web site, Facebook, and text alerts to keep you updated at all times. Here are a few helpful links…

Click the image below to check out the schedule for the season by viewing our calendar. Subscribe to have it automatically added to your own calendar.

Sign up for our monthly newsletter from Band Booster President Val Moore who will inform you of what to expect in the upcoming month.

Join our Facebook groups for more one on one interaction. There are groups for students and for parents.

Students (private group)

Parents (public group)

Parents may join the student group (and vice versa), but it is mainly a place for them to communicate. Band Boosters (that’s you) should join our parent group to ask any questions you may have, and for information on events and fundraisers.

Text messages are the most convenient form of letting everyone know last minute changes or pick up times. Signing up is easy!

Open a new text message, for recipient type 81010. Your message only needs to read “@rdasher” and hit send. You will then receive a confirmation text. You’re done! From then on, if there are any schedule updates you’ll be the first to know.

Band Fees

There may be a bit of sticker shock when you realize band costs around $400 a person for the season. We broke that down for you to help you better understand. There are some price differences from previous years due to the theme of the show and those will be announced as soon as we have that info.

Band Camp: $30
Band Fee: $150
Transportation: $100
Uniform Rental: $100
Tshirts: $15 ea (we recommend getting 2)
Gloves: $5 ea (we recommend getting 2 pair)
Marching shoes: $40 (must be uniform)
Garment bag: $15 (first years only)
Instrument Rental: $40 (unless you own your instrument)

Guard uniform fees are subject to change depending on the theme of the show and what costume they choose. Your guard instructor will keep you informed.

Fees are collected so that our program may pay for things like music, drill, instructors, truck rental, etc… Your fees are not all due at once, but we do ask that they are paid in full before the end of season in November. To simplify this we are asking that your child bring in $20.00 each week and turn in to one of the band mom’s at practice. With approximately 32 weeks in the season we believe this will help pay all your band fees plus part of our annual spring trip before the end of season. Still looking at those prices? Don’t worry, there will also be several fundraising opportunities for your student to earn their own fees. We’ve had students pay their entire fees just from fundraisers!


Like any activity there are several forms that will need to be filled out. They can be found here on our web site. Not all forms listed under our “Information” tab need to be returned but you may find them useful/informative. For your convenience you may use the auto fill feature to fill under “All Forms” on our home page.

Please print and return those as soon as possible. The sooner the better, but we must have them before the start of band camp. The medical release form must be notarized.

The other form we need before the start of band camp will be our dinner menu, but since that isn’t necessary until the end of July don’t worry about it for now.


Saturday practices begin this Saturday, April 21st from 9am-12pm. Once the school year has ended practices will be moved to Tuesday evenings from 6-9p. We will let you know when that change has been officially made.

After band camp practices will change again. They will be every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday evening from 6-9pm for the duration of the season. Practices are mandatory, but if you are unable to make it for any reason please contact Mr Dasher and your section leader as soon as possible. If rides are an issue you may ask if a fellow band member/parent can pick up your child in the student Facebook group.

Band Camp

At the end of summer we hold mandatory band camp. It is the hardest these kids will ever work! From 12pm – 9pm Monday through Friday for two weeks your student will live and breathe band. All practices beforehand have been leading up to this. At band camp they will learn their music and their drill and work on it repeatedly. They will learn what it means to work together as a team. They’re going to come home exhausted and sweaty, some may even think they hate it, but this really is when they come together to become the award winning band they will be!

We understand that summer is the time you may be trying to plan family vacations, we only ask that you keep these two weeks free. The current band camp schedule is July 23th through August 3th. Attendance is crucial! When working together like this, you being on your dot keeps the others in line. When one person is missing, it can throw off the balance. Again, we ask that you please plan all family vacations and events around these two weeks.

More info on band camp to come as we get closer to the date, but just to set your mind at ease, they do get a one hour dinner break during practice, and they don’t go on the field until 6pm, so don’t worry.

Note: If you have to miss a day of practice or camp for any reason, contact Mr Dasher right away.

Booster Meetings and Parent Involvement 

When my child joined band a few years ago I had no idea how involved the parents were or how desperately they were needed! The next year when I felt a bit more comfortable I started asking what I could do to help? There is always PLENTY you can do! Parent volunteers help keep everything behind the scenes running smoothly. We help with props, uniforms, dispensing water, chaperone buses, set up the lunches and dinners, run concessions…the list goes on.

So even if this is your first year, don’t be shy! Come out to the practices, meet the other parents (we’re going to know each other for a long time), get to know everyone, and see what you can do to help. No one will ever tell you, “we don’t need you”.

Booster meetings will take place the first Tuesday of every month so please mark your calendars. A lot of information and volunteer sign ups happen at these meetings, and it’s the best time to ask any questions you may have. Meetings are generally about an hour long. Feel free to stay afterward and watch the band progress throughout the season! (Bring a chair!)

Night of Flight

Every year during the first week of school we host our Night of Flight. First and foremost this is a Band Booster fundraiser. This allows the boosters to raise money needed for the season to pay for things such as banquet, awards, entry fees, gas for trucks, etc. We will host a pot luck style dinner provided by the parents (who will receive free admission for bringing in food), and we encourage everyone to invite friends, neighbors, family members, 2nd cousins twice removed…invite them all! For the first time we will see the band perform their show on the field, and you will be amazed at how far they have come in such a short period of time! Tickets for the event are $10 a person, and the exact date will be announced as soon as we have it. (be on the lookout in our Facebook group for the event invite!).


We participate in approximately 4 or 5 competitions a year. Prepare for a long day that can go into the early morning hours. We are always in need of at least 3 bus chaperones per bus, but if there is room on the bus you’re welcome to ride along (saves you the parking fee at the venue!). Entry fees are usually $15.00-$20.00 depending on the show, and while we do try to bring food along for the kids, always prepare to buy lunch/dinner while you’re there (after all, they’re a band program too, and this is how they make money). Also, our show shirt, marching shoes, and LONG black socks must be worn to every competition. Please be sure that you have at least these three items on you before every competition.


The marching band tries to participate in at least two parades a year. The Brooksville Christmas Parade and the MLK Parade. We ask that your student does try to make it to these events as they are for our county and the more exposure the band gets, the better our funding possibilities! (wink wink) so please, mark your calendars!

Spring Trip: Universal Studios

The kids work hard all season and in the end, it’s time to reward them with some fun! Every year we host a 3 day weekend to Universal Studios. The trip is optional, and costs approximately $340.00, which includes 3 days and 2 nights in a nearby hotel (last year we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel), 3 day park to park passes INCLUDING unlimited Fast Passes (an $80.00 PER DAY value!), and every other year (that’s this one) we try to schedule a night to see The Blue Man Group perform! There will be more info to come as we get closer to the date, but this is such a great time not only for the kids, but the parents who join them. It’s a great way to blow off some steam, and have an awesome time with the amazing friends they’ve made!


Spectrum is our annual spring concert. All the facets of the music program are represented during this performance, and again, this is a Band Booster Fundraiser so we encourage everyone to invite the neighborhood to come and see!

Band Banquet

To close off the season we host an annual banquet. Here our marchers and their families will celebrate the season with dinner, dancing, and of course, awards! The event is semi formal and a great way to end the season.


We understand that a lot of our parents have busy schedules, full time jobs, or younger children at home and can’t always donate their time to the band, but there are other ways you can help. We are in constant need of the following donations:

water (8oz bottles are preferred for competitions to prevent waste, but any size is appreciated)
Gatorade (again, smaller bottles preferred to prevent waste, but any individual size is appreciated)
prepackaged snacks/crackers/cookies etc
fruit (frozen grapes are ideal (nothing too juicy or sticky)
Duct tape

Thank you to everyone who made it out tonight, and if you couldn’t we hope this helped catch you up, and we’ll see you next time! Don’t forget to sign up for those text notifications, and join our Facebook group!

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