Booster Meeting: Bus Chaperones

We’ve downsized the numbers of buses that we’ll be shuttling to events from three to two, and we’ve decided to have boys on one bus and girls on the other. We need a minimum of 3 chaperones per bus, but we prefer at least 6 per bus to help out if the kids need it. Chaperones need to be seated 2 in the front of the bus, 2 in the middle, and 2 towards the back.

The bus rides are a great time for the kids. It’s a good chance to get pumped up before competitions and to celebrate their wins as a team afterwards. While we’re not here to quell their fun, we do need to be mindful of what’s going on, and to not let it get out of hand. We need to be sure we are not a distraction or disruption to the bus driver or our fellow students.

There is a communication app we may want to try called Zello. It’s a walkie talkie app that could help all the chaperones communicate easier especially for days like this upcoming Saturday when we have two competitions in one day.

Zello for android
Zello for iphone

We need help loading the coolers Friday during practice if you are available. We need them to all be ready to load on to the trailer Saturday morning.

We will be ordering Publix subs for lunches on Saturday. They will have the choice of ham or turkey, and come with chips and a drink. Please bring in $5.00 to cover the cost, or be sure to bring a lunch from home because we will be rushing from one competition to the next so the kids will be eating on the buses.

Schedule for Saturday, November 4th

11:00am – Be at the practice field ready to practice
2:00/2:30pm – Buses loaded and leave for FBA
4:30pm – Performance FBA at Hernando High School
*Pass out lunches and load buses immediately after performance
8:45pmPerformance at Lakewood Ranch

If you haven’t yet (seriously, who hasn’t yet?!), be sure to sign up for our text alerts for updates and schedule changes.

Text “@rdasher” to 81010

We will alert you when we’re close to the school so you can come pick up your child. Remember, we also need help unloading the truck so if you;re just sitting in your car, jump out and lend a hand so we can all go home.

The season is almost over! Thank you all for your continued support throughout. As you know, this program relies so much on parent involvement and we are blessed with some really awesome parents. Thank you!

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