Booster Meeting 10/10/17


First and foremost we would like to once again thank all of the parents who helped the week before our first competition. Between the game, competition, and uniforms, there was so much to get done in so little time, and without you it would never have been possible. You parents are such a vital part of this organization. It would not run successfully without you. Thank you!

Now on to business…

Our third football game is on Friday, October 13th. As luck would have it there is rain in the forecast again. We’re hopeful that we’ll actually get to perform during this game, but do prepare for the possibility that we may once again get rained out.

The rain not only hurts us performance wise, but as you can imagine the profits from our concession stand are at an all time low due to the weather. The concession stand during football games is one of our main sources of income for the band during the season, but with all of the rained out games our funds are below average for the organization for this time of year. Even so, the bills are still due.

There’s not much we can do about the weather, but what you can do to help is to pay those band fees. There are still many students with outstanding balances with the season nearly over. If you are not sure how much you owe please see Mrs Courtney or Mrs Erin and they can pull that information for you.

If you are interested in fundraising opportunities we still have plenty of discount cards to sell which can be picked up from the parent office in the band room. There will be a candy fundraiser available soon for those interested. Also coming up is our Scripts fundraiser which earns your student a commission for gift cards purchased through the fundraiser with no additional cost to the purchaser. More info on that coming soon. In the mean time, band fees, please get those in as soon as possible!

Football Game & Competition

We have a football game again on Friday, Oct 20th followed by a competition on Saturday, Oct 21st. We are in need of volunteers for both. Sign ups are in the parents room so please come by and add your name to the list. We are in need of helpers with uniforms, concession stand, water, and bus chaperones.

Remember that the 21st is also the day of the Homecoming Dance. If you student plans to attend the dance we will be done with the competition in time for them to leave. However, they will need to have their own transportation back home from Ocala. The buses will not be returning to Springstead until after the awards ceremony at the end of the competition. If your child has their own ride home and will not be on the bus back please inform Mr Dasher personally so we know not to expect you.

Since we ill be performing earlier in the day for this festival please note that we will not be hosting the pot luck lunch like we did before. Please be sure that your student brings money for food at the festival.

Also please note that we were very fortunate to receive extra wrist bands to get all chaperones into the last festival, but we can not guarantee that will be the case again this time. Please be prepared to pay the entry and any parking fees (if applicable).


We are in desperate need of donations of:
Granola Bars

While we prefer the smaller 8 oz bottles of water because they are easier to travel with on competition days, we understand that they can be more expensive in comparison. So in all honesty, we’re not picky.

Spring Trip: Universal Studios

We finally have dates for our Spring trip! Mark your calendars for March 9th-11th. We’ll be staying at the Hard Rock in Orlando.

A non refundable deposit of $75.00 is due on October 30th. The following two additional payments of $132.50 each are due on December 8th and January 16th. We must have deposits in order to reserve our rooms at the hotel, but before we can accept the remaining payments for the trip those band fees must be paid. If you paid the deposit but have made no further payments and have not paid off your fees the deposit can not be refunded, nor can it go towards your band fees. It’s going to be a great trip and lots of fun so again, please get those band fees paid as soon as possible.

Additional Practices:

Practices have been scheduled for this Friday, Oct 13th from 8am – 12pm. Also again on Friday, Oct 27th from 8am – 12pm. There is no school either of those days. Please mark your calendars.

Don’t forget our parent meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 7pm – 8pm. We need as much parent support as possible so please, try to attend the meetings, and sign up to work the events. Again, we need you!

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