Newsletter: Sept 2017

Greetings Parents!

I wanted to let you all know about the Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser that will be held in our cafeteria on October 7th. I have already received confirmation from just a couple of people that they have gift baskets to have as part of the fundraiser to raffle off. We do need quite a few more if this is going to be a success.  We also need volunteers to help out with making the spaghetti and meat sauce, as well as decorating for the event.  We need to get together on Monday evening at 7PM in the band room so that we can get this organized and off the ground.  We are in serious need of the Sousaphones that are currently being held together with duct tape!  Those of you that can make the meeting, please let me know ASAP, so that I know what we can accomplish.  I do want to let you all know how much your help is appreciated!  Nothing is done by a few, but lots can be done with many, so please let me know.

We have our first competition this coming Saturday at Seminole High School, and there is a sign up sheet for anyone who would like to volunteer.  Please know that all are welcome! The night before that is our next home football game where we hope to have the new uniforms, but I’ll get to that later.  For the football game, we need to have volunteers for our concessions as well as water, and uniforms. There is also a signup sheet for that in the parent room.

We are supposed to have the uniforms by this Monday and that is something that we have been waiting for for YEARS!  I’m beyond excited!  When they get here the bibbers, (pants), will need them to be hemmed.  I am asking for volunteers to help us accomplish that, because we have 4 days to get them all done.  Needless to say, I’m feeling a little stressed, so ANYONE who can help us with this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE see me ASAP so that we can put together the plan to get all 70 uniforms done before the football game.

I want to thank you all in advance for helping to keep this band moving!  We have sort of been in a holding position without the uniforms, and then we had Miss Irma, so I know it doesn’t seem like a whole lot is happening, but it is and because of who we are, it will get done together.  If a lot of you can put in a little time, it will all work because we have the BEST Parents EVER!  Thank you again!!!

See you on the field!
Val Moore

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