First Competition!

That’s right, it is time for our first competition and we are headed to Seminole! For our first time marchers (and parents) or as a refresher for you veterans, here’s everything you need to know for Saturday!

Friday there will be sign up sheets in the band room for the three buses that will take us to competitions. This will be the bus you ride all season. The three buses are Percussion, Winds, and Guard/Winds. Seniors sign up first, followed by Juniors, then sophomores, and finally freshman. Mrs Val will let you know when to do this.

Things you need to bring to competition:

  • Show shirt
  • practice shorts
  • marching shoes
  • long black socks
  • money for lunch
  • sunblock
  • deodorant
  • instrument
  • extra reeds, valve oil, etc

Things you may not need, but would be a good idea to have:

  • snacks for bus
  • back up phone chargers and cord

No pillows or blankets allowed on the buses

Note: You may bring electronics with you AT YOUR OWN RISK. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. During the competition we will lock up all bags/backpacks in the band trailer, but you need to put them in there. We are not responsible for bags laying around on the ground. We do not suggest leaving any valuables on the bus as we will not be near them for the majority of the day.

To receive your uniform you will line up at the trailer, give the band parents your number and take it off to the side and dress. Return your garment bag to the band parents to be hung up inside the trailer. DO NOT leave it out on the ground. Get your shako from the properly numbered/labeled box, and receive your gloves. Plumes will be placed in your shako during arc. After competition you will line up at the trailer, give the parents your number, take your garment bag off to the side, hang up your uniform, replace your shako, give the parents your plume, and uniforms on hangers. This will go very smoothly if everyone follows directions.

Parents and chaperones, some things you may want to bring:

  • money for entry (sometimes we are allotted bands to get in that will be given to chaperones who signed up to help, but these are not always guaranteed so please be prepared to pay. Tickets are $15)
  • money for parking if you are not taking the bus (I’m not sure how much parking goes for)
  • show shirt/polo
  • comfortable shoes
  • back up phone charger and cord
  • an umbrella or fan to keep cool
  • sunblock
  • something comfortable to sit on in the bleachers

Schedule for Saturday, Sept 30:
9:45am: Be at school for morning rehearsal
1:00pm: Pot Luck lunch
2:00pm: Load up the buses and leave for Seminole
8:45pm: Perform
10:00pm: Retreat (awards)
11:30pm: anticipated arrival back at the school

We will alert parents via the Remind app when we are near the school so that you may meet us there to pick up your students. Once again, if you have not signed up for our text alerts, please do so:

Text “@rdasher” to 81010

Also, the trailer will need to unloaded so that it may be returned the next day. Students are required to help unload. We are all going to be tired and want to go home so the more people who help, the faster it gets done for all of us. Parents, if you are there in your car waiting to pick up your child, feel free to jump out and lend a hand. The faster it gets done, the sooner they can leave.

It’s time to get excited! This is what you have been working towards since May! Go out there and give it your all and make us, and yourselves proud!

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