Booster Meeting 8/8/17

If you were not able to make last night’s meeting, let me catch you up on what you missed.

Band camp is over! It was a grueling two weeks, but we made it. Thank you so much to all of the parents who helped. You have no idea how invaluable parent support is to keep this program running smoothly, and although we throw around the term “Band Mom” our Band Dad’s are every bit as necessary and we appreciate you all!

Night of Flight is a little over a week away (August 18) and there’s lots to be done including promotion! This is the band boosters biggest fundraiser of the year and we need your help to bring people in. If you’re on Facebook, please join our event and share it on your own timelines.  We ask that each student invite at least 5 paying guests. Tickets are $10 a person which includes dinner and the show. Parents bringing in a dish for the pot luck dinner will receive free entry. Whatever you made for the pot lucks during band camp, double that so we can accommodate our guests. Please have dishes to the cafeteria between 4:30 and 5 so that we can feed the band by 5:30 and they may begin getting ready for the show. Guests will begin eating at 6pm and the show will follow after at 7pm.

Join our Facebook event!

Unfortunately our new uniforms will not be in in time. I know, we are all disappointed. They will be in very soon after (within days we expect). Our show shirts however, will be in so we’ll outfit the band in those instead.

We will be needing parent volunteers for the evening. We need them to help serve the food, clean up, and assist the band. Please contact Mrs Val if you are able to help.

First Football Game will be held on August 25th. Students remain there after school until game time. Please be sure they have dinner arrangements as we will not be serving them. However, during the game concessions will be sold and they are able to buy from there.

We will also need volunteers for the games. We need help in the concession stand, help outfitting the kids, serving water, help with pit, and to wash uniforms after. Volunteers receive free entry to the games with a volunteer badge. If you would like to sign up please contact Mrs Val and let her know where you can help. Otherwise, tickets to the games are $5. If this is your first time attending the games, the band plays the half time show and also periodically from the stands. Games usually run until 11pm weather permitting.

You will find there are two concession stands at the games. The one with the ramp is the football team’s concession stand, and the one behind the bleachers is for the band. While we would never suggest not to go to another concession stand, money earned for band concessions go towards the band. Just another way to show your support (plus we have Chick Fil A sandwiches 😉 )

Props used on the field during festivals are built by our wonderful band parent volunteers. We have plans for this years show and we’re looking for some available hands to help build them. Please see Mrs Val to sign up for prop duty.

In order to be a volunteer for any Hernando County School event, you must sign up as a registered volunteer. The application can be found here. Level 1 volunteers are good for almost everyone unless you will be attending overnight trips or driving the truck during competitions. The sooner you fill these out the better as applications seem to be approved relatively quickly right now, but could take up to several weeks for approval. There has been a fee drop for level 2 volunteers since last year, and there is no need to print and return forms anymore as they can be completed all online (except for fingerprinting of course).

Last but not least we will be ordering polo shirts for the parents who prefer not to wear the more form fitting active wear material we are going with for this years show shirts. The polos are designed to be more for every year wear rather than themed for this year alone. While the design is being finalized we are taking orders. For interested persons please message Mrs Tonya with the size and quantity you would like. If you were at the meeting last night and already told me your size then there is no need to reply.

We hope that brings you all up to date. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm. You’re always welcome to stay afterwards and watch the band rehearse.

The best way to stay informed for any last minute changes or quick reminders is with our Remind app. Sign up if you haven’t already! Text @rdasher to 81010.

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